Monday, May 09, 2011

Weight Watchers for Men?

One lesson I have learned from my participation in the Blogathon is that if I want to increase traffic to my blog, I must maintain consistent themes. In that spirit, Mondays' posts will be dedicated to weight loss.

My decision to join my wife in attending Weight Watchers' meetings did not come easily. I perceived WW as a women's group. Having read the WW Magazine my wife received every two months did little to ease that concern. So I decided to join anyway because I had read that WW has one of the best sustaining success rates of people losing and keeping off the weight. Our daughter-in-law, Kate, has been a wonderful example of what you can do when you stick to their plan.

So I went to my first meeting last week and I counted no more than five men in the group. Ok, so I wasn't going there to make any buddies. Still, I was a bit disappointed until I got home and logged in my new WW code. I had seen Stacey's e-tools and expected to see the same. Instead, I found my e-tools were geared towards men. It gave me hope.

I follow the WW President's (who is a man) blog, Man Meets Scale as an extra connection to men struggling with weight loss. Perhaps his blog and ads like the one below will help remove the stigma that WW is a women's group and more men will feel comfortable joining. I intend to do my part with this humble little blog.

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