Thursday, May 19, 2011

CDC Advice for Zombie Apocalypse

It was only a matter of time. I've been vindicated. The CDC has announced it's emergency response and preparedness for the Zombie Apocalypse. Ok, so it was a tongue and cheek effort to bring attention to emergency preparation in case of a natural disaster or health outbreak. The CDC does provide some helpful advice about what one should keep in their emergency kit. No one ever thinks it can happen to them until it does.  I applaud the CDC for taking this creative approach to informing the public especially as those of us in Tornado Country prepare for tornado season.

Of course, they did hedge their bets by not completely denying the possibility of the zombie apocalypse. They have reason to hedge.  Recently, a group of scientists found fungi that transformed ants into zombie ants.

They're coming Clarice!

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