Friday, May 13, 2011

The Most Difficult Piece to Write

I actually intend for Wednesday's to be devoted to the art of writing, but I was distracted by the Spring Storms. For now, this will have to do.

I  once read somewhere,  perhaps it was King's On Writing, that the shorter the piece that one is writing, the more difficult it is to successfully complete. The smaller work requires a more tightly written, non-fat approach.  The novella is more difficult than the novel.  The short story even harder and the poem still more so.

I don't know how often this maxim is true, but it does makes sense.  I've reasoned that there is on other type of writing that seems to be more difficult: the thank you note.  Stacey and I have a friend, Sandy, who is the queen of thank you cards. She has mastered this lost art of personally handwriting a brief note expressing her thanks for even the smallest gesture.  Once, she even sent us a thank you for a thank you!

My point is we should return to a more civil age and take the time to hand write (not an email, a post or a tweet) a personal thank you to someone.  I guarantee they will be surprised and you'll make them smile.

Oh, and in the professional world, it could even land you a job.  Stacey once sent a follow up thank you after she was not offered a job.  The person who was hired didn't work out and the hiring partner remembered her thank you note and called her back in.


Bach said...

My Southern peach Mom instilled thank-you note etiquette into us at an early age. I still write them, and I have my daughters do the same. I do it on a professional level, too. But I must admit I receive very few.

I hope you'll accept my comments as a sincere thank you for your post. I didn't see your address listed. :-)

ladymoxie said...

My parents were the same way - they taught my brother and I to always write thank you cards. I still write them for birthdays and xmas. What is better than to receive a handwritten note? (which is becoming increasingly rare). Thank you for a great post!

Haley said...

I totally agree that handwritten thank-yous are the best. What's nicer than opening up the mailbox and actually receiving a personal letter? When I was part of hiring decisions at work, I always remembered and appreciated those who took the time to send a thank-you through the mail.

Liz said...

I'm an advocate of the thank you note, too. Currently trying to instill this in my 7 and 3 year old sons. Hoping it will stick!