Friday, May 06, 2011

There Be Dragons Opens Today

In a recent post on books that have influenced my writing, I listed The Way as a spiritual guide.  I often refer to it when I am making catechetical presentations at RCIA or Joe Catholic.  It's author,  St. Josemaria Escriva, is one of the main characters portrayed in the motion picture There Be Dragons which opens in theaters today.

The movie is a fictionalized account of Josemaria's early life set before and during the Spanish Civil War. The movie addresses themes such as faith, forgiveness and friendship. The film is directed by Roland Joffe, the Academy nominated director of The Killing Fields and The Mission.

One of the intriguing promotional ads for the films depicts Josemaria in a battle scene with the caption "even saints have a past."

Theaters showing There Be Dragons

Who was Josemaria?


Kristi Bernard said...

Excellent post. I love these types of movies. Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Found you through Blogathon 2011. I'm afraid I haven't seen any of the movies you mentioned but my husband says they are very powerful.