Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogathon 2011: My After Action Report

Today marks the end of the 31-day Blogathon 2011. I made it! If you had told me a month ago that I would manage to successfully write and post daily for a month, I would not have believe it possible.

I thought I would devote this last day of the Blogathon reflecting on some of the things I learned from my experience.

My Reflections
  • The blogosphere is full of good writers and all that I met are encouraging and willing to help newbies.
  • I have to be more focused in choosing the content on which I choose to write; potpourri is best suited for the bathroom not blogging.
  • I need to do a better job of checking for typos and other errors. I gave my wife access (to late in this pursuit) to the blog so she could edit. She's a pro at it.
  • I discovered working between 9PM and 11PM tend to be my most productive times for writing. That being said, the work can sometimes be a bit rough.  It makes me think I should plan to write one day out. In other words, write the night before and post later the next day after Stacey gets to review it.
  • My top posts, based on views, during the Blogathon were personal stories about relationships
  • The simple act of writing everyday is a step in the right direction. I intend to make daily writing part of my routine
  • I had fun and I look forward to participating next year with a revamped and more focused blog.
Thanks to Michelle Rafter for organizing this


BIKE LADY said...

I'm not surprised your top posts were about relationships or your personal stories. What we sometimes fail to realize is that's our connection with others -- our stories. That's what makes our insights unique. Keep sharing, Gonzo.

Tia Bach said...

Enjoyed getting to know you during Blogathon. I need to go back and read some posts. In the craziness of May, I know I missed some great ones. Keep on keeping on!