Thursday, May 26, 2011

Comic Book Movies Dominate the Summer

This summer appears to be packed with movies adopted from comic books. The year has already seen the release of The Green Hornet, Thor and Priest.  I didn't get a chance to see TGH, but I do hope to rent the DVD.  I was pleasantly surprised by Thor. Although, I must admit I went into with no expectations because I have never cared much for the character in the comic books. I have no interest in seeing Priest in any format.

I count six more "comic" movies opening this summer. We preview one of them today.  We will preview the remaining five in the weeks to follow.

For most students, school ends the first week in June.  That weekend also begins the summer movie blitz.

X-Men: First Class (June 3rd)
X-Men: First Class opens the summer season on June 3rd. This film apparently tells the early story of Xavier and Magneto before their feud began. Additionally, the movie, produced by X-Men veteran director, Bryan Singer, will focus on the development of the X-Men team based on the 1963 Uncanny X-Men series and X-Men First Class (2006). If the trailer is any indication this one is going to be worth seeing on opening weekend.

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BIKE LADY said...

Generally speaking, these are the kinds of movies that always surprise me. I think I won't like them, and then, I do. They bring back memories, and the action is always exciting. But I think comics and movies are still two different forms of entertainment, and I wouldn't give up my comic books over a movie; however, it's fun to have both ways to view the idea.